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Referring Your Clients To Allied 
Throughout our history, Allied has responded to referrals from Consultants, CPA's, Turnaround Mangers, Attorneys and other financial professionals.  Your clients turn to you for advice and counsel on important business matters. You can continue to maintain their trust and confidence by turning to Allied when your client has a critical IRS tax matter .   We will work closely with you and your clients to determine the best and most cost effective approach to resolving these matters and settle their tax issues rapidly.  Call Us!!
Allied Financial Group, Inc. welcomes referrals from financial professionals and lenders whose clients have been impacted by critical IRS tax issues and tax liens.  These clients may turn to you for direction in resolving these matters.  You can refer these clients to Allied with confidence, knowing we will treat them with care on your behalf in providing swift resolution to these issues.

Our Referral Partners Program was created to increase your client resources and capabilities. 

Allied has been helping companies with tax liens secure or maintain financing relationships with lenders and factors for over fifteen years.  We believe our services can greatly benefit your clients and your company.  We approach each case with a sense of urgency, wasting no time in providing your client with the best resolution to the tax issue or lien that is standing in the way of funding.  Please refer your clients to Allied for a free consultation.
If you have a client with a critical IRS or State tax problem, please refer them to Allied for an immediate and free consultation, or feel free to contact us on their behalf for initial discussion.  We can be called at 866-377-5363 
or you may click on our Contact Us page and complete the contact form.   There is no obligation and our professional staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding a specific tax liability.  We are available to help you and your clients gain control of their business and  alleviate the pressure of an IRS lien. 

If you would like additional information about our Referral Partners Program, please call us at 866-377-5363

 Ask Us About Our Referral Partner Fee Program and how You or your Firm can create significant                supplementary income while assisting your clients in securing resolution to a critical tax liability.

Please Call Us Now To Discuss A Specific Situation Regarding Your Client's Tax Problem.....We Can Help!!!  
 Allied Financial Group, Inc.     99 N. San Antonio Avenue, Suite 130, Upland, CA 91786
Allied Financial Group, Inc.
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Allied Financial Group, Inc.
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