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Allied Financial Group, Inc. Services
Installment Agreement
Stop  Or Remove Liens Or Levies on Assets
At Allied Financial Group, Inc., we take care to provide our clients the highest quality tax resolution services personalized for their unique needs. We have years of experience and success in resolving critical IRS tax issues up to $15million.  Our staff is well versed in all areas of tax lien resolution, with special emphasis on payroll and other corporate tax liabilities.

Some Of The Professional Tax Resolution Services We Provide:

Offer In Compromise

This process allows you to reduce the total amount of the tax liability you owe based on your current financial condition.  If qualified, your final obligation to the IRS could be dramatically reduced to a fraction of the original amount.  Alled will let you know if you are a viable candidate for an OIC before incurring additional fees. 
Allied tax professionals will arrange a monthly payment plan on your behalf based on what you or your company can actually afford, allowing you to pay off your tax liability over a reasonable period of time.  This puts you in control of the process, not the taxing agency.

A lien or levy of your business or personal assets or bank accounts can bring your company or your life to a virtual stand still.  Allied can often prevent or remove a lien or levy of assets, including accounts receivable, allowing you to maintain control of your cash flow and working capital.  

IRS Subordination

Allied can secure a subordination on your assets from the IRS, including accounts receivable, allowing you to obtain or continue financing of your business.  We are expert at negotiating these agreements on behalf of lenders and taxpayers, enabling you to move forward in a positive direction. 

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